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    Welcome To VIP

    Expert Nurse Consulting, LLC.™ 

    Denise Nelson, BSN, RN, PHN

    Founder, CEO 

    "Patient Advocacy With Care And Compassion

    To Help You Thrive In Life"

  • It's All About Thriving In Life.

    Surviving is not enough. We have one body, one life. It makes sense to protect our mobility, our happiness and our independence in any way we can. Utilizing this unique service is one way to have the hands-on, compassionate and expert advice and advocacy you, or a loved one needs to thrive in a sometimes difficult world.


    VIP Expert Nurse consulting can provide you with the outcomes and progress you may not be able to experience anywhere else. A holistic approach combines the physical, and the mental tools to bring about solutions that actually bring change and quality of life.

  • Offering Three Levels of Care

    For Different Needs.

    VIP Expert Nurse Consulting is a unique service making the difference in peoples' lives by providing one-on-one guidance where there had been a void previously between patient and care provider.


    A customized care program in today’s complicated medical world is a crucial piece to an individual's health situation. Our three tier system offers unrivaled, specialized, professional services that pinpoint any situation. Customization brings better results, less duplication and a personalization that is not only effective, but compassionate and dignified.


    As you study this original approach you will see that health, vitality, clarity, and the ability to thrive in life are the objectives. VIP Expert Nurse Consulting has the skills, qualifications and compassion to help achieve these goals.

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    Gold Level

    VIP Restorative Health Program

    VIP Restorative Health Program A Comprehensive Plan To Restore Overall Wellness And Quality Of Life.


    • Top Level Attention, With an Experienced, Expert Nurse
    • Diet and Nutrition Evaluation and Assistance
    • Individual Exercise Plan and Supervision/Training
    • Family Communication and Explanation
    • Prevention and Restorative Expertise
    • Increase Length of Active and Independent Living
    • Assisted Doctor Visits • Helping Clients to Thrive Rather Than Just Survive
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    Silver Level

    Transition To Home / Acute Program

    Greatly Increase The Chance Of Success In An Urgent, Transitional Time.


    • Hospital-To-Home Transitional Assistance
    • Experienced, Expert Nurse
    • Hospital/TCU-To-Home
    • One-On-One Custom Success Program
    • New Hope for Return to Independence
    • Assisted Doctor Visits
    • Knowledgeable Partner in Your Health Choices in an Acute Situation
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    Bronze Level

    MD-Patient Advocate Program


    Bring Confidence, Advocacy And Guidance To Doctor Interactions.


    • Experienced, Expert Nurse
    • Assisted Doctor Visits
    • Compassionate and Caring
    • Individual, Customized Care And Prevention
    • Follow Up Notes/Plan
  • A vital part of your loved one's care.

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    Less dependence on Medication

    Medication is often a necessary part of one's ongoing care. But few would disagree that removing the need for these medicines, often very expensive, would be welcomed and preferred. One of our sincere goals at VIP Expert Nurse Consulting, in conjunction with your doctor is to reduce the need for medication, eliminating the side effects and expenses associated with them. We strive to lessen the need for prescription medications by employing comprehensive and safe methods. 

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    Healthier Choices For Better Quality of Life.

    Sometimes lifestyles slowly fade into one of poor choices and unhealthy habits. While common, it doesn't need to remain a part of one's life. Healthy choices don't need to be without fun or flavor. Quite the opposite As lifestyle choices improve, so does health, happiness and outlook on life.

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    Patient Advocacy.

    Having a knowledgeable, trained nurse assist in untangling the confusion of doctor visits and reports can make the difference between a great outcome and no change at all. At VIP Expert Nurse Consulting, we take the complicated information and translate it into easily understood terms but also blend in the compassion and caring that sometimes is missing from stressful medical interactions. Assisted doctor visits assure all needs are met, and the correct questions are asked... and answered.

  • Denise M. Nelson, BSN, RN, PHN


    VIP Expert Nurse Consulting, LLC

    Founder, CEO

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     Denise Nelson founded “VIP Expert Nurse Consulting, LLC” based on her passion for helping seniors or the individual lost in the medical system that is confused and uncertain about their health choices and want professional guidance for living a healthier life. As a Patient Advocate she helps the client to navigate through a complex medical situation while initiating healthy living principles and guides the individual by creating a plan for their best health choices. She is the founder and creator of the revolutionary “VIP Restorative Health Plan” designed to restore health and improve the quality of life.


     As VP, Clinical Director for Timmaron Group she served as a consultant to provide clinical direction, best practices, and exceptional outcomes to community care organizations, providers, and services within organizations looking to drive patient centered health care forward. 


    As a consultant to organizations such as YMCA, Independent and Senior Assisted Living Facilities, and community care organizations, she identifies potential opportunities and evolving services for exceptional client care. This results in improved client outcomes, improved care, cost reduction to the individual and facility, and lower health care costs. There is better clarity to the results which results in happier clients as they are able to thrive in their environment and community longer, with less interruption, stress, moving, and lower costs. The individual is not just living, but, thriving.


     As a speaker, she speaks on “Future Trends in Healthcare and Nursing” and other various health topics focusing on educating the consumer on significant changes in healthcare including “Affordable Care”, medical and technology advances, and the importance of the Patient Advocacy role in maintaining a high quality of life.


     As a board member on the Southdale YMCA she focuses on initiatives that drive healthcare forward in the community and for the individual. She is Vice President of Edina Professionals, a member of Women’s Health Leadership Trust, and Healthcare.MN. She is a recipient of the “Shines” award, the highest achievement available within the Park Nicollet Healthcare System for exceptional service and excellence in healthcare. But, the most important part of all is that she enjoys time with her growing teen age children and is living the commitment she made to her Mother, who passed away from Breast Cancer and that is to live and help others live their best life possible with dignity and integrity.


    As the child of a mother who battled cancer, Denise's promise to her was to eventually make a difference in fighting children's cancers. It is her sincere pledge as her company grows to give back and help those who deserve a chance for a full and healthy life.

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    Denise Nelson, BSN, RN, PHN


    Concierge Medicine Nurse

    Independent Nursing Consultant • Health Coach